Luther Strange’s People Think Trump’s Insanity Cost Them The Election

A campaign official for Sen. Luther Strange said that the Senator was closing the gap in the polls until Trump showed up in Alabama and started fighting with the NFL.

Jonathan Martin of The New York Times tweeted:

Losing campaigns often have a variety of people to blame and excuses for their loss, but it is worth pondering if the Strange campaign has a legitimate beef. Trump was supposed to be campaigning for Strange in Alabama, but the rally quickly turned into another mentally unstable venting session for Donald Trump. Luther Strange was barely an afterthought at his own rally.

Trump spent most of the event talking about himself and implementing his plan of demonizing black NFL players who protest police brutality and an unequal justice system by kneeling during the national anthem. Although, we haven’t seen the polling, the final election results are proof that Trump’s presence did not help.

A sane president would have kept the focus that they endorsed. Only a narcissistic lunatic would hijack the candidate’s rally to allow their mental health demons to run wild. The mainstream media like to call Trump “unconventional,” when what they really mean is nuts.

Luther Strange decided to play with the Trump fire, so he has to live with the consequences after Trump burned the house down.