Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Crumble As She Tries Not To Admit Trump Lied About Obamacare Vote

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders crumbled as she tried to dance around Trump’s false claim that the Senate has the votes to replace Obamacare.


Huckabee Sanders was asked about Trump’s false claim that they have the healthcare votes to pass and she answered, “The point that we’re making is that we have the votes on the substance, but not necessarily on the process, which is why we are so confident that we can move healthcare forward and get it done in the spring.”

What Sarah Huckabee Sanders did was a try to tapdance around the landmine that President Trump lied about having the votes to pass Graham-Cassidy. Huckabee Sanders was bending her words in all sorts of directions, but the twists and turns of talking about a process can’t hide the truth.

The process is what Republicans needed to support in order to use reconciliation and pass the bill with 50 votes. If Republicans don’t agree on the process, then they don’t have the votes to pass the bill. Everyone may agree that the government should give every American a million dollars, but until there is a process, no one is going to get any money.

Trump lied. There is no way around it. The White House is hoping that people forget about healthcare by early next year.

Huckabee Sanders tried to hold it together, but when her answer is taken apart, it reveals a crumbly word salad that confirms that Republicans don’t have the votes to replace Obamacare.

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