Tom Price Takes The Fall For Trump’s Culture Of Corrupt And Abusive Travel Behavior

The Trump White House cynically threw Tom Price under the bus during a Friday news dump while ignoring the loads of White House officials who were also abusing taxpayer-funded travel including Trump himself.

The White House approved the private charter flights that Price took, and they even had White House officials on some of the trips.

As Politico reported, “But rather than fly commercially to these events, which are scheduled well in advance, Price tends to rent corporate-style jets. Sometimes, he ferries big-name guests along with him. In May, Price and Kellyanne Conway — the White House counselor and former Trump campaign manager who traveled with Price to Philadelphia last week to tour an addiction treatment center — made stops in four different states in the span of two days.”

George W. Bush’s former ethics lawyer, Richard Painter, hit the nail on the head:

The jet scandal is not a Tom Price scandal. It is a Donald Trump scandal because wasn’t the only one who was living the high life on the taxpayers’ dime. The culture of corruption starts at the top in this administration. When Tom Price sees Trump blowing through taxpayer money like it is going out of style to pay for his travel and vacations, a culture of waste takes hold in an entire administration.

The White House wants the scandal to end at Tom Price and not stop where it really belongs.

The real problem is Donald Trump.