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While Puerto Ricans Are Suffering, Trump Raises Money To Battle Press Freedom

The president’s lack of concern, knowledge, and interest in helping Puerto-Rican Americans is telling in more ways than one. During the immediate aftermath, Trump tweeted about the NFL, while people in Puerto Rico waited for a response from their president.

He finally got around to noticing something was happening with Puerto Rico and naturally, Trump talked and tweeted about debt.
No electricity. Infrastructure destroyed. Thousands upon thousands are homeless. Trump finally suspends the Jones Act – not so that urgently needed aid could get to people. No, this was about making shippers happy.

Meanwhile, scenes of desperation continued as the media reported on the devastation.

The first lady of Puerto Rico set up a fund so people can donate to directly help Americans in Puerto Rico. UNICIEF, The Red Cross, GoFundMe, celebrities. It seems like everyone is stepping up to help Puerto Rico except the President of the United States.

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Carnival Cruise is rescuing Puerto Ricans. Rapper Pitbull donated his private jet to fly cancer patients to the Mainland so they can get treatment.

Ever since this started, we have heard about the devastating effects of the President’s neglect from the Mayor of San Juan. Today, as she pleaded with Trump for help again, via the media didn’t mince words, telling viewers that Puerto Ricans are being “treated like animals

Even now, the president would rather do anything else than show leadership or even compassion for the people of Puerto Rico. He’s busy fundraising. As Sarah Kendizor pointed out in a tweet, it isn’t to raise money for hurricane victims. No, Mr. Trump is using his clout to fundraise against the first amendment – this time press freedom is in the cross-hairs.
Kendzior said: Trump is hitting up citizens for money again – not for hurricane money but for him to fight the free press and she shared images of Trump’s Fundraiser message.


Where does one start? When one thinks of Trump’s visible concern for Americans on the mainland during devastating hurricanes, the fact that he was more interested in attacking football players than helping the Americans in Puerto Rico reeks of racism.
Trump also missed a golden opportunity to prove he really is someone who knows how to solve problems and get things done. He didn’t use his ability to raise funds to help hurricane victims. Instead, he used his fundraising abilities to advance attacks on a cornerstone of American greatness – press freedom. But hey, he knows what his base likes – lots of red meat, seasoned with attacks on the media.

It boggles the mind that a man who talks about respecting the values that vets fought for one minute can attack one of those values, namely the free press, to raise money the next.
It’s a separate issue from Puerto Rico, no doubt about it. The point is Trump slapped Puerto Ricans in the face with his neglect, and slapped them again when he decided that fundraising to attack the free press was more important than raising funds for hurricane victims.

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