In A Revolting Moment, Paul Ryan Actually Defends Trump’s Racism

A nation’s stomach turned as Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) told America that the 71-year-old president is still learning about racism.


Transcript via CBS’s Face The Nation:

JOHN DICKERSON: A year ago we talked about race relations in the country and– and you said you hoped candidate — then-candidate Trump would be inclusive. You said, “He’s new at this.” It’s been a year now. How would you rate his ability to bring this country together, which has clearly– an issue–

PAUL RYAN: Well, like I said on the Charlottesville thing, it was– there were like, three comments. One of them was great, two of them– no, four comments, I think. Two good. Two bad. You know? I think, like you say, like I said before, he’s learning. I know his heart’s in the right place. And–

JOHN DICKERSON: How do you know that?

PAUL RYAN: Just– I’ve had some candid conversations with him about this. Especially during that time. I’ve had some very candid conversations. And so I do really believe his heart’s in the right place. I think what matters is that we have to show people that we are an inclusive society that–that–that we want everyone to succeed. And I think there’s more that all of us as leaders have got to do to be inclusive with people and make people feel like they’re included in society. And I don’t– I think we’ve got a lot– a long ways to go, just as a society and a country for that.

Here’s a clue for Paul Ryan. Trump’s heart is with racists. We know this because Trump has said so on every occasion that he has been free to speak his mind without a script in front of him. It is always a tell with Republicans that they are screwed when they start talking about a person’s heart instead of their words or actions.

Ryan’s comments were a perfect example of the spineless and weak-kneed congressional leadership that has allowed Trump to run wild and paralyze the federal government with chaos and dysfunction. If a person as old as Donald Trump needs to be taught about racial issues, then they are unqualified and unfit to be president.

Trump was charged with federal housing discrimination for refusing to rent to African-Americans. It is obvious where Trump’s heart is. It is easy to see that Paul Ryan doesn’t care if the president is a racist as long as taxes get cut for the wealthy.

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