Trump’s Own FEMA Director Humiliates Him By Debunking His Puerto Rico Lie

Trump’s own FEMA Administrator, who he lavished praise on after Hurricane Harvey, has debunked the President’s big lie about Puerto Rico.


Transcript via ABC’s This Week:

STEPHANOPOULOS: We have also seen the mayor out there in the water as well. She just said she thought FEMA’s heart was in the right place. They’re starting to cut through the red tape right now. Do you really think the Puerto Ricans haven’t been pulling their weight?

LONG: Oh, I believe the Puerto Ricans are pulling their weight. I mean, I think they’re doing what they can. You know, what the — you know, the bottom line is — the question is that a local mayor’s job is to push commander’s intent down to his or her troops. And in many cases, those — that commander’s intent from a mayor down to their troops has to be aligned with what the governor’s priorities are as well as FEMA. That’s called joint priorities.

Long’s statement was a direct contradiction of what Trump tweeted:

The mixed signals that come from this administration are unrelenting, but the message coming from the people who are working in the government has been consistent. Don’t pay attention to the guy with the Twitter account. He doesn’t know what he is talking about. When Trump’s own FEMA administrator directly contradicts him, it is proof that the President is out of the loop and has no idea what is going on.

Trump was lying when he said that Puerto Ricans were not doing their part. He made it up because he was angry about the bad media coverage that he’s receiving.

Putin smiles with each incoherent Trump administration mixed message, as it symbolizes the weakening of America as a world power.

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