Trump Tax Cuts For The Rich Looking Doomed As GOP Senator Won’t Support It If It Adds To Deficit

Retiring Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) became the first Republican to back away from the deficit exploding Republican plan to cut taxes for the wealthy by telling Meet The Press that he won’t vote for it if the plan adds to the deficit.


Corker said, “If it looks like to me, Chuck that we’re adding one penny to the deficit, I am not going to vote for it. Ok. I’m sorry. It is the greatest threat to our nation. The greatest threat to our nation.”

Sen. Corker said that it has become like a party since the election. Republicans don’t care about revenues or deficit spending, but he promised to remain a deficit hawk for as long as he is in Washington.

The reason why Corker’s comments could be a harbinger of doom for the GOP’s tax plan is that Trump’s tax plan is projected to add $3-$5 trillion to the deficit. Republicans will use reconciliation to try to pass the tax cuts, but with Corker potentially a no that leaves Republicans able to lose just two more votes before the plan is dead.

Members of Congress have been warning Trump that if thought passing health care reform was difficult, wait until he tries to do tax reform. The deficit hawks are alive and well, and they look ready to pick apart Trump’s tax cuts for the rich.