Trump In Crisis After His Company Gets Caught Trying To Do Business In Russia During Campaign

Documents turned over to Special Counsel Robert Mueller show that Trump’s company was trying to do business in Russia after he had locked up the Republican presidential nomination.

The Washington Post reported:
Associates of President Trump and his company have turned over documents to federal investigators that reveal two previously unreported contacts from Russia during the 2016 campaign, according to people familiar with the matter.

In one case, Trump’s personal attorney and a business associate exchanged emails weeks before the Republican National Convention about the lawyer possibly traveling to an economic conference in Russia that would be attended by top Russian financial and government leaders, including President Vladi­mir Putin, according to people familiar with the correspondence.

With any other candidate or elected official, this may not be an issue because they would have separated themselves from their business, but Donald Trump has chosen to stay conflict and not put a wall between his business interests and the presidency. Trump has repeatedly stated that he has no business in and nothing to do with Russia.

The documents provided to the Special Counsel tell a much different story. A picture is emerging of a Trump Organization that is deeply connected to Putin’s Russia. While may are preoccupied with the horrific massacre in Las Vegas, the Russia scandal churns on. Trump is in the midst of a crisis. The paper trail is revealing that not only is the Russia scandal real news, but there is mounting evidence of the sort of relationship that would easily open the door to election collusion.