Trump’s Response To The Worst Mass Shooting In US History Was Truly Pathetic

Trump responded to the Las Vegas massacre by offering no policy leadership, calling the gunman evil, and promising to visit the city. It was a pathetic attempt at pretend presidential leadership.


Trump’s response was part of a standard White House playbook. The President calls the culprit evil, offers prayers, promises to go to the scene, and sometimes quotes some scripture. What is missing in Trump’s performances is any sense of emotional connection or soul. Donald Trump offers no political leadership. He offers no guidance. He doesn’t really seem to care about the people who got shot in Las Vegas.

For Trump, these moments are about trying to look and sound like a president. It is a pathetic paint by numbers show carried out by a poor actor who can’t make the audience believe that he is capable of living up to the part.

There was no courage in Trump’s statement. The President has no sense of humanity, pain, or suffering.

Trump, the man, is just like his tweets. He is empty, shallow, and lacks any substance. The nation needs moral leadership in times of pain, but all Trump can offer is reading a script that someone else has written in his best indoor voice.

Donald Trump moved his lips, but nobody believes that he was really singing the song.