In Bizarre Moment, Trump Throws Paper Towels At Puerto Rico Hurricane Victims

Trump passed out food to hurricane victims in Texas and Florida, but Puerto Ricans got the President throwing rolls of paper towels into the crowd.

David Martosko tweeted:

Here are larger pics of Trump tossing paper towels at hurricane victims:

Trump is doing everything imaginable to show that he doesn’t care and doesn’t want to be there. While the President tried to make a grand gesture out pretending to give a damn about hurricane victims in red states, he isn’t trying to hide his contempt in Puerto Rico.

Beneath the surface, Trump’s behavior suggests a much deeper issue. Donald Trump thinks that he is only the president of the places who voted for him. Trump doesn’t understand that he is supposed to behave like a president for all Americans. If Puerto Rico had voted for him in 2016, they would have all the disaster relief they wanted already, and the President would be promising to do everything in his power for the island.

But since the island is 99% Hispanic and not politically friendly territory, Trump is treating them with contempt.

Donald Trump seems to hate the people of Puerto Rico, and one gets the sense that the vast majority of residents feel the same way about Trump.

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