NBC Stands Firm And Basically Tells Trump To Shove It As His Tantrum Rages On

President Trump has claimed multiple times that the NBC News story about Rex Tillerson calling him a moron is fake. NBC and MSNBC have responded by basically telling the president to shove it.

Trump has spent his day, not paying attention to Las Vegas shooting victims, but ranting about a story that NBC News ran. Trump even demanded an “apology to America.
MSNBC told Trump on the air that they would not be apologizing to him or America, and to drive the point home Ali Velshi of MSNBC tweeted:

Trump isn’t getting his apology for journalists reporting the news. The President doesn’t understand the role of the free press. He has shown himself to be an enemy of press freedom, and all journalists and organizations should have the courage to stand up to Trump’s bullying.

Donald Trump’s constant war with the press is intentional. The White House believes that Trump needs an opponent to run against, and they think that a war with the press is a winning strategy.

On a day that is supposed to be about the victims of the Las Vegas shooting, Trump is spending the day unhinged and tantruming at NBC News.