Trump Snaps In Las Vegas And Melts Down Into A Rant About NBC News

Trump couldn’t hold it together in Las Vegas, as he went off on a rant about NBC News while he was meeting with first responders.


Transcript via The White House:

Q Mr. President, any response to Rex Tillerson’s comments —

THE PRESIDENT: Yeah. I’m very honored by his comments. It was fake news. It was a totally phony story.

Thank you very much. It was made up. It was made up by NBC. They just made it up.

Thank you all. Thank you.

Q Do you have confidence in him?

THE PRESIDENT: Total confidence in Rex. I have total confidence.

NBC News has responded by telling Trump to stick his claims of fake news where the sun doesn’t shine. Of course, they put it in more professional terms by stating that they will stand by their reporting because Sec. Tillerson has not refuted their story.

Trump couldn’t possibly show less interest in being in Las Vegas than he has so far. Trump has looked completely tuned out, but he has mentioned the NBC News story three times already today. The President is more about his media coverage than leading the nation after the worst mass shooting in US history. Trump is obsessed with the NBC News story, and the claim that he has total confidence in Tillerson means that the Secretary of State will probably be gone in a Friday news dump to come.