Trump Just Looked Like A Psycho By Reading From A Script While Visiting Las Vegas Shooting

Trump was unable to give any off the cuff remarks that showed empathy or emotion for the victims of the Las Vegas shooting. Instead, Trump stood on stage and read from a script in the most wooden fashion.


After this performance, America needs to be asking what is wrong with this man? The White House couldn’t trust Donald Trump to deliver remarks to police and victims of the Las Vegas shooting, so they chained him to a script. A lot of presidents read prepared remarks, but the difference with Trump is his inability to show emotion, empathy, or real feelings about what he is reading.

Obama could be trusted speak in an appropriate way in these situations. George W. Bush might mangle some words, but his tone was never inappropriate. Donald Trump can’t be the leader of the country in a time of crisis because he is an empty sociopath who feels nothing. Trump can’t express real sadness or relate to the people in Las Vegas because he is an empty shell of a human being.

America needs a president. Instead, the country has a psycho who has to constantly read from a script with lacking the ability to show any emotion. After watching Trump’s flat wooden delivery, it is obvious that there is no humanity inside of this president.