Nancy Pelosi Dismantles Republicans For Putting ‘Political Survival’ Over Human Lives

Nancy Pelosi blasted Republicans who say now – after 58 people were gunned down during a country music festival in Las Vegas – is not the time to act on gun violence.

The Democratic leader said it’s time for the GOP to stop putting their own “political survival” over human lives.


Pelosi said:

We have to just take it to the public and just say, ‘How can you say now is not the time’ or ‘We’re not ready yet’? How many more lives, as Mr. Patterson said, how many more times does this have to happen? … Your political survival is not as important as the survival of little children in Newtown or the prayerful people in South Carolina or the kids in Pulse or these people in Nevada or you at Virginia Tech. Political survival – what? Who cares? We’re talking about the lives of the American people.

As the Democratic leader said, for far too long, the Republican Party has put their political survival and the gun lobby above human life.

Not only have many of them spent a career blocking legislation that could help curb gun violence in America, but they have actually worked to relax gun regulations in America – all so they could win re-election and continue cashing checks from the NRA.

In a country so steeped in gun culture, we will never be able to eliminate all firearm-related violence, but we can most certainly reduce it. Each time our lawmakers kick the can down the road and refuse to act, they are doing a disservice to the thousands of Americans who die from guns each year.