Jimmy Kimmel Blasts Trump: If You Resign, I’d Be Glad To Give You My Show

Responding to Donald Trump’s Saturday morning tantrum about late night comedians being too hard on the president, Jimmy Kimmel tweeted out a suggestion that would benefit everybody: Trump should resign and host his own show.

Kimmel said he would be more than happy to give up his program if it means Trump stepping down.

Kimmel’s epic response came after Trump tweeted this complaint on Saturday:

As The Hill noted, Trump’s tweet “came about an hour after Fox News’ ‘Fox and Friends’ aired a segment accusing late night comedians like Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon of ‘[taking] a hard turn to the left.'”

The commander-in-chief’s social media tantrums have become a regular occurrence in recent weeks as his presidency continues to spiral out of control.

Last month, Trump thought it was worth his time to create a firestorm by picking a fight with professional athletes. This weekend, he chose to spend part of his Saturday whining about the jokes told about him on late night talk shows.

Meanwhile, the nation continues to grapple with the unspeakable violence in Las Vegas, Puerto Rico is still recovering from a catastrophic hurricane, and another storm is barreling toward the United States at this hour.

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