Trump Is Going Insane As He Accuses Democrats And Late Night TV Hosts Of Conspiring Against Him


Trump responded to the news that his approval rating has fallen to 32% by accusing Democrats and late night television hosts of conspiring against him.

The President Of The United States tweeted this bit of crazy:


Trump had demanded equal time from comedy shows before most famously with Saturday Night Live last year. The troubling aspects of Trump’s tweet are that he thinks there is a conspiracy of late-night television hosts and Democrats that are out to get him and the consequences of where such beliefs lead. Trump is suggesting that comedians have no right to parody the President as an act of free speech.

The tweet also leaves open the idea that the President can suppress free speech by demanding equal time.

The Fairness Doctrine is gone, and even if it still existed, it would not apply to late-night comedy shows and satire.

Trump needs something to blame for his record low approval ratings, so he is blaming Kimmel, Colbert, Noah, Fallon and the like. Donald Trump can’t wrap his mind around the fact that people don’t like him because he is a dishonest know nothing who is enacting terrible policies.

People think Trump is crazy because this president keeps saying and doing crazy things.