Opinion: The Time Has Come To Abolish Republican And Democratic Parties


The time has come to take a long hard look at abolishing the Democratic and Republican political parties. America stands divided politically, socially and economically and the seed of division has been planted in our government. Party affiliation has taken precedent over common sense and country. Republicans and Democrats alike, push and pull for power within government, taking what amounts to blood money from lobbyists, special interest groups, and corporations that have no intention of serving the greater good.

Conversations between constituents are often colored blue or red without regard to facts, only allegiance to a party. We tune each other out with labels and ignorance, based on preconceived political ideology. We don’t listen to each other and our government, in turn, doesn’t listen to us. Democratic and Republicans often vote on party lines regardless of conscience. In-house feuds lead to petty score-settling and the infantile games of tit for tat, leave American citizens as the inevitable loser in the equation.

Party over common sense and conscience is a dangerous and real threat to the ideals of democracy. From the perspective of voters, casting a ballot solely in blind allegiance to party serves no one. Candidates for office often highlight party talking points simply for voter and financial support, without actually having any real or effective game plan for implementation. Prospective party driven officials, also are susceptible to the influence of private donations from corporate entities, that only have their own bottom line in mind. Policy is frequently dictated by corporate dollars donated to political parties, instead of in the interest the greater good of American citizens.


There has never been an independent president in America. The current monopoly of Republican and Democratic parties stifles and crushes the idea of independent thought. Money is a driving force in politics and ideas are an afterthought. Decent men and women who would otherwise serve honorably, are hindered by a system of greed and cronyism. We The People, aren’t having our interests served, when our officials are locked into an operation that serves the upper class only. Finances should not be the end all, be all loudest voice in government.

Personal values of candidates also come into play in a party system. No Republican or Democrat embodies ALL of the ideals of its respective party. We have seen politicians from both sides of the aisle embroiled in a scandal that represents the direct opposite philosophy of their party platform. From sexuality to abortion and everything in between, officials have demonstrated that they may lean in a certain direction, but don’t govern themselves entirely by platform. How can we expect honest representation in government when our officials aren’t even honest with themselves?

Candidates who aren’t pigeonholed within the constraints of archaic ideology may, in fact, serve the common core of America better than what we’ve witnessed thus far under the status quo model. America requires innovative thought that encompasses the best of all platforms and beyond. The country is in dire need of a government that understands that social harmony is just as important as economic growth. Under the current system that is simply impossible. Our way of governing has become stale and ripe for the seeds of corruption and indifference to grow.

Special interest groups and private corporations have bullied their way into our government, by infiltrating political parties with the lure of the almighty dollar. Money is indeed the root of all evil, and within the structure of government, cash destroys the foundation of a democratic society. Abolishing political parties could be the first step in fending off the insidious practices of quid pro quo, brought on by special interest groups such as the NRA and corporate henchmen, like the Koch brothers.

Our government as it stands today, is rife with self-serving, tone-deaf men and women who exploit holes in the system for personal and party gain. Agendas are short-sighted, lack inclusiveness, vision, and national accountability. We cannot continue down the same path politically and expect real change in our lives. The world around us is rapidly changing, and yet our government remains the same in spite of itself. Our system is clearly broken, and it must be rebuilt with the future in mind, instead of the past.

Democrats and Republicans alike, have done a porous job advocating for the citizens which they serve. Party over country has no place in America, and it’s time that we consider the kind of change that would empower a true representation of America. Our government needs bold, brilliant, compassionate, visionary leaders and that is something that would make America truly great again. The time for real change is upon us.