Trump Just Opened His Mouth And Killed The Republican Tax Cuts For The Rich

Trump went after retiring Republican Senator Bob Corker of Tennessee with a personal attack that may have killed the Republican plan to cut taxes.

The President tweeted about a member of his own party:

Trump is lying. The story is reversed. It was Trump and Senate Majority Mitch McConnell who were personally begging Corker to run for another term. Corker also turned Trump down for Sec. of State. On Meet The Press one week ago, Corker made it clear that it would not support any tax plan that raised the deficit.

Corker has also questioned Trump’s mental state and competence, but what seems to have gotten the President going was his comment that Tillerson, Mattis, and Kelly are the only people separating the country from chaos.

Trump has placed his own ego ahead of his political goals, and it could cost him dearly. With Rand Paul, Corker, and Susan Collins as potential no votes with more Senate Republicans already wavering, tax cuts for the wealthy could be dead.

The President had to open his mouth, and as a consequence, he may end 2017 with zero major legislative accomplishments