Bombshell Report Finds Trump Likely Obstructed Justice And Could Be Impeached

A 108-page analysis of Trump’s actions in the firing of James Comey done by the Brookings Institute concludes that the President likely obstructed justice and that Special Counsel Robert Mueller could recommend impeachment.

The report concluded:


The findings from Barry H. Berke, Noah Bookbinder, and Norm Eisen are so damning because they don’t contain conjecture. It is an analysis of the known facts and the laws involved with the behavior of Trump and his associates. The deliberations and discussions in the report likely mirror those that are going on with Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his staff.

Contrary to what Trump and the White House claim, the investigation is not fake news or a nothing burger. There are literally more than 100 pages of facts that support that this president has been violating the law while trying to sabotage the Russia investigation.

The cold hard truth is that Mueller might recommend that Trump is impeached, and if Republicans still control Congress, they could ignore his findings. This course of action would require them to put their necks on the line for Trump which is something that Congressional Republicans have shown no interest in doing. If Democrats control the House, and Mueller recommends impeachment, it is a certainty that Trump will face an impeachment trial in the Senate.

There is a lot riding on the 2018 election, and if America wants to rid itself of Trump the fastest way to do so would be to elect a Democratic House and Senate majority.