Classless Trump Insults California By Sending Warm Respects During Wildfire

Trump’s wish of warm respects to a state where people are losing their lives and property due to s wildfire was a foot in mouth moment for a president who can’t get out of his own way.


It was just a year ago that the media and the Republican Party were trying to sell Trump as a smooth-talking deal maker. The reality is that Trump is a man whose mouth an brain aren’t connected. You don’t send people who are fighting for their lives in a wildfire warm anything. Trump could have said thoughts and prayers, but one suspects that he has little experience with both.

Trump is making George W. Bush look eloquent and verbose.

The humilIations never stop as America is finding what it would look like if the President walked around every day with both of his shoelaces tied together. Trump’s combination of tone-deaf arrogance and lack of empathy is a national embarrassment.