Articles Of Impeachment Introduced Against Trump By Democratic Congressman

Rep. Al Green (D-TX) announced today that he had introduced articles of impeachment against President Donald J. Trump.

Here is the statement from Rep. Green as it was read into the official House record:

Having articles of impeachment ready to go matters because it allows the House to have a framework in case they need to act quickly depending on what Special Counsel Robert Mueller finds and recommends.

With Republicans in control of the House currently, there is no chance that these articles see the light of day, but if Democrats retake the House majority in 2018, impeachment goes from a theoretical to an option that could be on the table.

Some have faulted Rep. Green for his impeachment push, but the public must be kept aware of the activities of this president. Rep. Green was correct. Impeachment doesn’t require that a president commit a crime. Republicans set the bar low for impeachment will Bill Clinton, and it is looking more likely every day that this will come back to haunt them with Trump.