The GOP Is Burning To The Ground As Conservatives Launch A Coup Against Mitch McConnell

Conservative groups are blaming Mitch McConnell for all of Trump’s failures while announcing an effort to replace the Senate Majority Leader.

The conservatives wrote:

mcconnell coup

The letter goes on to criticize McConnell for not supporting candidates who were “real conservatives,” and of waging war against the grassroots of the Republican Party. The letter closes by demanding that the entire Senate Republican leadership team step aside.

There is not a single Republican Senator on board with the movement to replace the leadership, but this letter along with Steve Bannon’s threat to primary Senate incumbents is what McConnell fears the most. Democrats are beginning to see a sliver of a path to taking back the Senate in 2018. What terrifies McConnell is that idea that an incumbent or two could lose a primary and turn safe Republican seats into possible Democratic pickups.

The grassroots of the Republican Party isn’t blaming Trump for the failure to get anything done. They are blaming Mitch McConnell and the Senate, and if the grassroots rebels, the Senate could turn blue next year,