Rachel Maddow Destroys Trump By Explaining How He Is Killing People In Puerto Rico

MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow connected the dots and showed how Trump’s dysfunction and incompetence are killing people in Puerto Rico.



Maddow said, “A week ago the President went to Puerto Rico, threw people paper towels, and congratulated Puerto Rico on the fact that there were only 16 people listed on the death toll. Well, the official death toll now is 48, and it’s not because the hurricane kept hitting. It’s now 48 and continuing to climb including the first confirmed deaths from treatable waterborne illness. At a time when we know that whole towns have now gone for a couple of weeks at least subsisting on water sources like creeks and streams, and yeah, this was a big hurricane, and it caused a huge amount of damage, but this is the United States of America, and the deaths that are happening now these are not the result of the hurricane. The deaths that are happening now are a result of the response to the hurricane, which has been an organizational disaster.”

Maddow went to explain how Trump’s delayed and inadequate response has killed people in Puerto Rico.

Rachel Maddow tore apart the poorly run response and said that the problem is not the size of the crisis, people’s willingness to help, shortage of resources, or first responders. The problem is who is in charge.

This is what happens when a man who has no experience in government and is mentally unstable is President Of The United States. Maddow called Trump’s leadership unstable, incompetent, and corrupt, and discussed how that type of leader kills Americans through their lack of basic governing organizational capacity to handle a crisis.

Trump is killing Americans, and this isn’t a surprise. When those who more interested in their own corruption than governing achieve the highest office in the land, people are going to die, and the President won’t care.