CNN’s Erin Burnett Shreds ‘Hypocrite-In-Chief’ Trump After He Signs His 50th Executive Order

Donald Trump again did something he repeatedly criticized former President Barack Obama for doing during the course of his president: He signed an executive order.

Today’s order marked the 50th executive order signed by Trump and CNN’s Erin Burnett took the president to the cleaners for his stunning hypocrisy.


The CNN anchor said:

Hypocrite-in-chief – President Trump today doing something he harshly criticized President Obama for doing. Trump signing his 50th executive order today. … Look, the facts are the president is not keeping his word. He signed 50 executive orders since the day he took office, which, if you do the math, is about one every five days. It is double the number the man he called a disaster signed. President Obama signed 26 executive orders by the 12th of October of his first year in office. Trump’s running a double.

The reporting from Burnett comes after Trump signed an executive order Thursday to roll back parts of the Affordable Care Act.

Though Burnett’s analysis of Trump’s executive orders was completely accurate, it will likely add fuel to the fire when it comes to this president’s repeated attacks on the media, especially CNN and, more recently, NBC News.

Just a short time ago, in fact, Trump tweeted out another attack on the media, targeting both NBC and CNN in one swoop:

At the end of the day, Trump has no interest in seeing the press report accurately, even though they often already do when it comes to his presidency. He simply wants them to be a mouthpiece for him.

Whenever they aren’t – whenever they have the nerve to simply roll footage of him saying or doing something – he immediately wages war on them.

It’s only a matter of time before the thin-skinned president weighs in on Erin Burnett’s analysis after she had the nerve to tell the public how many executive orders he has signed during his presidency.