Trump Doesn’t Care That Americans Are Dying As He Plans To Cut Off Puerto Rico Aid

The death toll from preventable illnesses is growing in Puerto Rico as President Trump announced that he would limit aid to the island.

Trump tweeted:

Trump thinks Puerto Rico’s problems were caused by the financial crisis that happened before he became president, so he has no responsibility for the people of Puerto Rico who are trying to survive in subhuman conditions as the Trump led federal response has been a failure of catastrophic proportions. The President Of The United States is saying that he doesn’t care that American citizens are dying. It isn’t his problem. Donald Trump is trying to downplay the damage done by the hurricanes.

The Trump failure in Puerto Rico was easy to see coming going back years. Donald Trump has never cared about governing. He is ignorant and not interested in learning. For Trump, the presidency is a chance to make money and stroke his ego. When the American people need a leader after a national tragedy or national disaster, Trump will never be there.

If Trump abandons Puerto Rico, it will be an impeachable offense. He will be violating his oath of office, as there is no higher crime than leaving US citizens to fend for themselves and die after a natural disaster.