Trump Runs Away When Asked By Reporters About Abandoning Puerto Rico

Trump ran away from reporters and ignored their questions when they asked him about his comments suggesting that he was going to give up on aid to Puerto Rico.


As he was leaving the healthcare executive order signing, Trump was asked, “Mr. President, what did you mean by your Puerto Rico comments this morning?”

The President’s response was to ignore the question.

A second reporter asked, “Mr. President, are you committed to Puerto Rico for the long-term?”

Trump responded by ignoring the question and walking out the door.

In the past, this President has been willing to answer questions at these White House events, but on Puerto Rico, just like on Russia, the answer was silence. A real president doesn’t run away from media questions while US citizens are dying due to a failed presidential response.

Instead of dealing with the real crisis in Puerto Rico, Trump is manufacturing one on healthcare.

The White House tried to change the subject with this executive order signing, but the first question that Trump faced was about his tweets and Puerto Rico.

As more people die by the hour in Puerto Rico, Donald Trump is running away and hiding.