Out Of His Mind Trump Starts A Conflict With Iran By Killing The Iran Nuclear Deal

Trump is pushing the world closer to a nuclear showdown by killing the Iran nuclear deal for no other reason that it was accomplished by President Obama.


Even Trump’s own advisers say that Iran is abiding by the deal, and one could tell by Trump’s attempt to define Iran as not following the “spirit” of the deal that he doesn’t have a factual leg to stand on.

Democrats immediately ripped Trump’s decision.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA) called Trump’s announcement reckless and stupid, “President Trump’s decision to decertify the Iran Deal represents an all-time high in recklessness and stupidity. Every week the president’s Twitter tantrums put the world on edge. Decertifying the Iran Deal will add to this volatility by sending a chilling message across the globe that the United States is abandoning our leadership and our commitments on nuclear non-proliferation.”

Trump is putting the US and the world at risk because he thinks he is getting wins with these actions. Donald Trump is pushing the world toward a nuclear arms race and nuclear war. Trump is out of his mind, and his remarks showed that he is trying to start a conflict with Iran.

Donald Trump is out of his mind and risking a war that could destroy the world.