‘Stupidity And Petulance’: Howard Dean Lambasts Clueless Trump’s Healthcare Moves

Former Vermont Gov. Howard Dean epically obliterated Donald Trump on Saturday, calling the president’s latest moves on health care stupid and petulant.

Dean said Trump’s executive order on healthcare, as well as his decision to cut off subsidy funding, proves that he knows absolutely nothing about the insurance industry and doesn’t at all care about helping people.


All this kind of stuff usually blows up in the president’s face because he has no idea what he’s doing. What he’s gonna do is take health insurance away from a million Americans. Those million Americans are going to be spread in a lot of states that he’s going to be awfully sorry about in 2018. … This is just stupidity. It’s based on petulance. Donald Trump no more knows anything about the insurance company than the man on the moon. So, you know, this is silly. This is typical Trump. He gets upset about something, he reacts. This is not going to fix the problems that Obamacare has. 

As the former governor noted, Trump’s troubling moves this week, specifically on health care, will have damaging impacts on millions of Americans.

His executive order alone would wreak havoc on the insurance market by driving younger and healthier Americans out of the Obamacare exchanges, leaving behind exorbitant costs for older and sicker people.

Trump’s additional move to dismantle the Affordable Care Act – the decision to cut off critical CSR payments – have even worse repercussions. As Jason Easley wrote on Friday, ending this funding would throw a million Americans off their insurance, spike premiums by 20 percent and increase the deficit by nearly $200 billion.

Trump’s recent push to dismantle has nothing to do with making life better for the American people. It’s all an angry and petulant attempt to take a stab at former President Barack Obama’s legacy.