Sick Trump Celebrates Raising Insurance Premiums And Throwing People Off Their Healthcare

Trump is celebrating his health care executive order which is going to increase insurance premiums by 20% while throwing 1 million people off of their health insurance.

This is the messed up world that exists between Trump’s ears:

Trump’s executive order doesn’t expand access or make healthcare more affordable.

Here are the three outcomes of Trump’s action:

What Trump’s executive order is going to do is impose a 20% “Trump tax” on health insurance premiums. It will also force the 1 million people who are going to lose their insurance to either spend more money or buy a cheap junk plan that doesn’t cover anything and will lead to higher out of pocket costs.

Donald Trump is celebrating harming millions of Americans because he is so out of touch that he doesn’t realize that he just destroyed millions of lives.

Trump’s decisions have real-world consequences on regular people. One gets the sense that Donald Trump doesn’t understand this, and if he did, he probably wouldn’t care because his whole thought process begins and ends with getting “wins” for Trump.