Hillary Clinton Schools Trump On North Korea and Makes Him Look Like A Fool

Hillary Clinton explained how Trump is playing right into the hands of the North Korean regime and elevating Kim Jong Un with his tweets.


Clinton said, “This is playing into Kim Jong Un’s hands. I mean the idea that is going tit for tat with the American president, who is tweeting against him and calling him names. That is catnip to this guy, and what we’ve done is to build him up, give him more legitimacy than he deserves to have given how his people are being treated, and I think that’s a very short-sighted and dangerous route to take.”

US presidential elections have global consequences. If Hillary Clinton were president, the American people wouldn’t have to be worried about if today’s the day that Trump will start a war with North Korea. It is easy to say that Trump doesn’t know what he is talking about or what he is doing, but when he is placed side by side with someone who clearly has depth, knowledge, and experience, the size of the mistake/crime that occurred when Trump won the election comes into focus.

The most isolated and backward regime on the planet owns the President Of The United States.

With each tweet, Trump legitimizes a nightmarish regime. It looks Trump is building up Kim Jong Un as a foe to give him justification for a new Korean war that he hopes will save his presidency.

Hillary Clinton schooled Donald Trump and revealed the contrast in competence between the two candidates that Republicans never wanted the voters to see in 2016.