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Opinion: Either Americans Unite Against Trump or Divided We Will All Fall

Donald Trump is an agent of chaos. A detached and deplorable divider. Unfathomably incompetent and undeniably ignorant. His is not a personality designed for leadership. Unless of course, the goal is to foster an unstable and cringeworthy environment that’s fueled by unabashed bigotry and hate. Donald Trump has set out to divide America along color and economic lines. He has inserted nitroglycerin into the ensuing faults, proceeded to shake up our foundation and produced a catastrophic explosion, through his vile rhetoric and repulsive behavior.

Trump has cleverly enlisted the help of closeted bigots who gleefully embrace his Jim Crow idealism and ushered them into the light. Racism is now front and center in our country, and the maestro of this mayhem is the President of the United States of America. However, if our fate as a country is left in the hands of Mr. Trump, these states will no longer be united and divided we will all fall.

Trump has embarked on a path that leads directly to the division of America. His supporters will say that division was brought on by Barack Obama and they are 100% incorrect. This is what they are programmed to say by the Manipulator in Chief, who uses social media to plant seeds of depravity and nurtures his creation, with insidious rantings across the country, in White Supremacist town halls disguised as campaign rallies.

Trump’s agenda is designed to inflame and incite the emotions of his base. They like him are slaves to their own fragile ego and insecurities. He recognizes that he is supported by millions, who have been marginalized by political correctness and a progressive, inclusive ideology. He and an alarming majority of his supporters are rooted in fear, cowardice, lack of intelligence and driven by prejudice. America has spent decades trying to move away from oppression, and in nine months POTUS has done everything in his power to take us back into a state of darkness.

Every POTUS has at least one defining moment over the course of their presidency. Donald Trump has been presented with several opportunities to enrich his legacy positively since his inauguration. At every turn, Trump has spoken to his base, winked at their bigotry and blew mightily into his dog whistle of ignorance. Clear-minded America has seen through his tactics as he’s tried to assail our media, who report on his malfeasance. Trump has failed miserably politically and socially but nonetheless attempts to raise smokescreens to disguise his epic failures.

A prime example of Trump’s missteps has played out in recent weeks. He has attacked NFL players, regarding their kneeling in protest of the obvious inequities in the judicial system. Trump has used the flag and national anthem to disparage and shame players and owners alike, over a peaceful protest which is protected by the first amendment. His misguided stance is centered around what he labels as disrespect, to the military and the country, by kneeling during the anthem.

When it comes to Donald Trump, you must closely abide by the adage “consider the source.” Consider that Donald Trump was a skillful draft dodger, insulted decorated war hero John McCain and proclaimed himself smarter than tenured Generals. Explain exactly how any of this behavior can be viewed as reverence for our Armed Forces? However, the most egregious and revealing instance of his duplicity and fanaticism is often overlooked and buried in his resume of destruction.

On May 20th of this year Richard Collins III, an Army Lieutenant and Bowie State University student, days away from graduation was stabbed to death by Sean Urbanski. Urbanski was part of a Nazi group called Alt Reich Nation. This was a hate crime, perpetrated against a man of color, who was also a member of our military. As of this writing, Donald Trump has never mentioned this heinous act, let alone condemn it. Trump claims to hold such profound respect for our servicemen and women yet somehow couldn’t bring himself to address this act of biased savagery. It was a moment of revelation, and he’s only reinforced the perception of his prejudice ever since.

People need to understand that legislation was introduced that required Trump to call out White Supremacists by name – after his tepid condemnation of the events in Charlottesville in which he incredulously called Nazis “fine people” – when his unwillingness to do so caused a firestorm. Why was it necessary to force him to do his job when it comes to racism? Because he is an unrepentant racist.

It should also be mentioned that Donald Trump is indeed a shameless coward in his practiced narrow-mindedness. Trump has never attempted to extend his ear and voice in areas of the country that oppose his presidency. He has made no appearances in states that he lost in the election, to unite all of America. The truth is he does the polar opposite. His most scathing attack on NFL players was carried out in the state of Alabama, which is historically one of the most bigoted states in America. It was here that he called players “Sons of Bitches,” knowing full well that this gathering of confederacy believers, would eagerly consume and applaud his poison. He would never have the fortitude to try this in even his own hometown of New York City where he is roundly reviled and despised.

Fine people, silence, and Sons of Bitches encapsulate the reactions of the leader of the free world when racism and hate have reared their ugly heads. Every instance that Trump could’ve forged a new path of empathy, compassion, common sense and unification, he instead chose to spit in the face of righteousness in favor of ignorance.

His political agenda is wrought with ill will directed at people of color and immigrants. He has no accomplishments of his own, although he is quick to accept credit where none is due. He has wrapped himself in the flag and raised across to the masses claiming religious, patriotic and moral grounding when his entire life has been led in contrast to all of these principles. Trump was never equipped to be POTUS and upon his arrival reverted to what he knows best. Ignorance and prejudice are ingrained in his DNA, and he has leaned on both during his presidency.

Most of America is keenly aware of what’s transpiring in Washington D.C. and our government nationwide. We cannot allow Donald Trump to systematically pull the threads of unity apart and devolve the country into a virtual state of civil war. We must continue to expose his tactics and expel his GOP enablers from positions of power.

America cannot afford to be drawn into the gutter with Donald Trump. We must rise up together and soundly reject his ideology and use his presidency, as a lesson never to be forgotten. This country belongs to all of us. We are all Americans and have invested in the prospect of peace and prosperity within our borders. The freedoms granted in the constitution are extended to all of us, not one race, creed or color but, all of us.

Democracy is not a toy to be played with or manipulated for personal gain. Division is the weakness of any country and America is on the brink of catastrophe brought on by the machinations of a madman. We must close this ugly chapter in our history by vociferously uniting against hate, oppression, and ignorance. We must all #RESIST POTUS and derail the unconscionable Trump Train before it’s too late.

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