Adam Schiff Reduces Trump To Rubble With One Stinging Response On Tax Cuts For The Rich

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) had the ideal response to how Democrats could live with themselves if they vote against his tax cut plan that would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthy.

After Trump tweeted on Monday morning:

Rep. Schiff responded on Monday afternoon:

The Republican argument on tax cuts is based on selling selfishness. Republicans sell their tax plans on the idea that you will get more money for yourself. The reality is that 80% of the benefits of the President’s tax plan go to millionaires and billionaires, so you, Mr. or Miss. Middle Class aren’t getting anything but stuck with the bill.

Rep. Schiff nailed it. Democrats won’t lose one second of sleep over voting against a tax cut plan that will hurt the middle class and the poor. The real question is, how can Republicans look America in the eye and with a straight face support such a plan?

Schiff’s destruction of Trump illustrates why Republicans are walking into a trap on tax cuts. Democrats have a moral argument that shreds both Trump and his corporate/billionaire owned GOP.