Chris Murphy Slams Trump’s 12 Days Of Silence After Four U.S. Soldiers Were Killed In Africa

Responding to Donald Trump’s silence on the death of four U.S. soldiers in Niger – and the lie he told Monday about former President Barack Obama’s response to similar tragedies – Democratic Sen. Chris Murphy slammed the president, saying his behavior is insulting to fallen soldiers and does not bode well for future foreign policy decisions Trump will make.

The Democratic senator said Trump’s “casual” attitude toward these fallen service members makes it apparent that he doesn’t truly honor their enormous sacrifice.


If this president is so casual about American losses overseas that he doesn’t even mention the fact that four brave Americans died in West Africa, then what does that say about how casual he will be about putting other American troops in harm’s way in other parts of the country? I hope did write those letters. I hope he does call those family members in the coming days. He was wrong to make up this just awful lie that President Obama didn’t do that, but my concern is more about what it says about future decisions he’ll make about putting soldiers in harm’s way. 

Trump claims that he honors fallen soldiers more than former presidents have, but his actions prove otherwise, as Sen. Chris Murphy pointed out Monday.

Memo to the president: Spending day after day throwing Twitter tantrums about NFL players kneeling during the national anthem doesn’t make you more patriotic than other presidents.

Not only was Trump silent for 12 days about the fallen soldiers in Niger, but when he was given a chance to comment on their deaths, as he was today, he chose to use it as an opportunity to pat himself on the back and tell a blatant lie about the former commander-in-chief.

If Trump can’t properly honor U.S. soldiers when they make the ultimate sacrifice for this country, it’s likely he will be just as casual and reckless when deciding to send them into harm’s way.