Trump Gets More Moronic Says Democrats To Blame For Health Care Because It Was Called Obamacare

Trump thinks voters won’t notice his sabotage of the health care system because the plan was called Obamacare. (It wasn’t.)


Trump said, “The Democrats will be blamed for the mess. This is an Obamacare mess. When the premiums go up, that has nothing to do with anything other than the fact that we had poor healthcare, delivered poorly, written poorly, approved by the Democrats. It was called Obamacare.”

The law was never called Obamacare. The law is officially named the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Republicans gave the law the name Obamacare as a way to demonize affordable health care. Trump believes that since the law was called Obamacare by Republicans, Democrats will be blamed with insurance premiums rise.

It is almost as if Trump doesn’t understand that most Americans aren’t as dumb as he is and they are watching him sabotage the system. As soon as Trump took office, he owned healthcare and every other issue. There is not a dividing line where issues that come across multiple administrations belong to previous presidents.

Democrats know who is going to get the blame for wrecking the healthcare system, and it isn’t going to be them or Barack Obama. Trump thinks he is going to force Democrats to accept his terrible health insurance schemes, but he couldn’t be more wrong.

The only person that Trump is hurting with his sabotage is himself, but he is too stupid to realize that he is his own worst enemy.