New Poll Delivers Horrible News To Trump As Republicans Are Fleeing His Failing Presidency

A new Gallup poll shows Trump’s approval rating with Republicans is now sitting in the Nixon during Watergate territory that no president ever wants to be in.

The Gallup Poll:

Nixon territory:

When a president’s approval rating with his own party is three points lower than Nixon’s right before he resigned, that is a huge problem. Trump is so busy catering to his base, which is about 30%-32% of voters that he is losing many members of his own party. These numbers aren’t just bad. They’re horrific for a president who is less than a year into his first term and still has zero major legislative accomplishments. Independents lean Republican, so the amount of disapproval for Trump among the right is larger than being calculated in the polling.

Donald Trump is in worse shape than Richard Nixon was with Republicans when he resigned. Trump’s pandering to his base is not keeping his party together. With each move to the right, Trump loses more Republicans.

By the numbers, Trump is already one of the worst presidents in US history.