Republicans Terror Grows Over Democrats Potentially Winning Congress In 2018

Warnings are growing among Republicans that the battle over tax cuts for the wealthy could cost them Congress next year if they are unable to pass a cut for the wealthiest Americans.

Via The Washington Post, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) told a recent Koch gathering,

Republicans will lose the House and the Senate in 2018 if a tax bill doesn’t pass, and he made clear who he thinks would be to blame: “We always have to force our friends on our side of the aisle to stay in place. Herding cats is sometimes easier than keeping our team on the same page at the same time on issues that we all say are essential.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) ranted that the Senate Republicans are divided in half:

While his colleagues singled out a handful of recalcitrant Republicans in the Senate, Cruz suggested that half of the conference is an obstacle. The Texan spoke of a “a real generational divide” in the Republican conference. He told the group that “about half” of the 52 members are “Young Turks” like him, almost all of whom have been elected in the last eight years. He said that faction is most committed to the cause. “It’s the old bulls who don’t want to stay in session for that long,”

THere is a possibility that Republicans pass some form of tax cut before the end of the year, but it is looking more realistic that the cuts will come early next year or not at all. The Senate Republican fears are justified. The party base is angry at Congress and turned off at the prospect of sending this majority back to Congress in 2019. Donors are livid that they have spent billions of dollars getting Republicans elected and they have done nothing while they are in control, and Steve Bannon is running around lining up candidates to primary Republican incumbents.

If Republicans don’t come together on at least tax cuts, their majority will be in jeopardy. Unlike the House, Republicans can’t gerrymander the Senate. Even though the map of statewide races strongly favors the GOP, Democrats are starting to see an opportunity to take back the majority.

The Republicans are terrified, because Democratic momentum is growing, and they are paralyzed by their own dysfunction.

If tax cuts fail, it could be Armageddon for the Republican control of Congress.