Trump Holds Bizarre Press Conference With Mitch McConnell To Prove That They Are Best Friends

Trump and Mitch McConnell held a press conference in the name of fake unity just to tell the world that they are best friends.



Trump began the surprise press conference with McConnell by claiming that he and the feuding Senate Majority Leader are best friends. Trump called Obamacare a disaster and claimed that tax cuts for the rich would spur economic growth. Trump then rambled on about what a great job he has done responding to all of the hurricanes, including Puerto Rico. Trump said, “My relationship with this gentleman is outstanding, has been outstanding.


McConnell made it sound like he Trump are best buddies who talk frequently and are trying to pass the same agenda.

The President is so mentally broken that he trotted out Mitch McConnell to prove that they both love each other and there is no feud. The whole thing was bizarre and extremely unpresidential. A president usually doesn’t have to hold a joint press conference with the Senate Majority Leader of his own party to quell fights and tensions.

The press conference was dysfunctional, strange, and designed to boost Trump’s ego.

The president is mentally broken and holding a press conference with Mitch McConnell to boost his sagging spirits.