Trump Just Threw An Epic Fit Because Democrats Won’t Help Him Destroy America

During a press conference with Mitch McConnell in the Rose Garden, Trump threw a fit and claimed that he has a hard job because Democrats won’t vote for his agenda.


Trump said, “When we get things approved we have to go through hell because we have no Democrat support. We have nobody. We don’t have a vote from the Democrats. As an example for massive tax cuts. We may not get any Democrat votes, now we also may get three or four, but we may get no Democrat, for massive tax cuts. We are the highest taxed country in the world. (Fact: We’re not.) and yet we may get no Democrat support, and that’s because they’re obstructionists, and they just basically want us to do badly, but that’s not going to happen.”

The fact that Trump would make this complaint while standing next to the man who obstructed everything that Barack Obama tried to do is laughable. It isn’t Democratic obstruction that is stopping Trump it is the failed leadership of Trump/Ryan/McConnell.

Democrats aren’t going to help Trump destroy America, and for all of those people who want the Democratic leadership replaced, listen to Trump’s complaints above, and you can see that Pelosi and Schumer are doing exactly what they need to do. They are holding Democrats together while the Republicans are a circular firing squad.

Trump is falling apart, and Democrats are accelerating his decline.