Gutless Trump Just Launched His Sleaziest Smear Of Obama Yet And He Did It Off The Record

The Trump White House is refusing to put their names on a sleazy personal attack on Obama that claims the former President never called Gen. John Kelly after his son died in Afghanistan.

Axios reported:
After President Trump essentially goaded reporters into asking the question, a senior White House official told Axios that Chief of Staff John Kelly “did not receive a call” from Barack Obama after his son was killed in Afghanistan….The White House did not say whether there was a letter or any other contact between Obama and Kelly. An Obama spokesman didn’t immediately respond to a request for comment.

The Trump White House refused to go on the record with their claim:

The Trump White House claims to hate anonymous sources, but they refuse to put a name on an attack against the former president. If the story is true, and Obama had no contact with Gen. Kelly after his son died, then there is nothing to lose by putting it on the record.

Trump got himself into this mess by playing golf and not going to meet the bodies of Green Berets who were killed in a counter-terrorism operation in Niger. It took 11 days after the ambush for the Trump administration to mention the dead soldiers.

Because Trump disrespected the ultimate sacrifice of four Americans, the White House is trying to smear their way out of the conclusion that Trump doesn’t care about the troops and has failed carry out even the most basic duties of the presidency.

Trump can’t justify his own actions, so he is smearing Obama.

The gutless president is too big of a coward to go on the record with his personal attacks.