A United Democratic Party Surges To A Massive Lead On 2018 Generic Congressional Ballot

A new CNN poll shows that Democrats are united and have opened up a 14 point lead over Republicans on the generic congressional ballot ahead of the midterm election.

CNN reported, “Amid that Republican divide, the poll also finds Democrats holding a lead in the generic congressional ballot — 51% to 37% overall, driven by a unified base of Democrats. Nearly all self-identified Democrats (98%) say they prefer the Democratic candidate in their congressional district, compared to 88% of Republicans who prefer the GOP candidate in their district. Among independents, Democrats have an edge of just four points, within the margin of sampling error for that group.”

The wounds of the 2016 election have finally healed, and the party is united in the singular cause of taking back Congress.

When Democrats took back the House in 2006, they held a generic ballot lead of between 6 and 16 points. When Republicans won control of the House in 2010, they had a generic congressional ballot lead of between 4 and 15 points.

Trump is oblivious to reality, but Republicans have good reason to be scared. The 14 point Democratic lead is right in the danger zone for previous flips of the House. Even with Democrats having to defend 25 Senate seats, Republicans are getting edgy about keeping control of the Senate. The political climate is that hostile toward the GOP. Between Trump launching attacks on his own party, and a Democratic electorate that is angry and hungry for a win, the landscape has turned ugly for incumbent House and Senate Republicans.

The results from one poll don’t mean that the midterm election is in the bag, but the unity among Democrats is a key step to victory. Democrats have recruited good candidates. They are raising money. Unity looks like it won’t be a problem, so the final piece of the puzzle is getting voters out to vote, and bringing home the win.

The problems may only be beginning for Trump and the Republican Party because when Democrats are united, they win.

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