Trump Blows His Own Cover Story And Provides Evidence That He Obstructed Justice

Trump admitted that his firing of former FBI Director James Comey was political, and gave never evidence to Special Counsel Robert Mueller that he obstructed justice.

The President tweeted:

As MSNBC’s Matthew Miller pointed out, Trump might want to stop talking now:

The whole cover story is that the FBI hated Comey and that he was doing a bad a job due to his handling of the Hillary Clinton email investigation. This is what was in the letter as the reason for Comey’s firing.

Trump who is walking through the presidency like he has his shoelaces tied together, can’t stick to the story. The President keeps letting the truth slip out that he thought Comey was disloyal to him because he wouldn’t kill the Russia investigation. The President’s lawyers have been trying to get him to stop tweeting for months.

With each tweet on Russia and the Comey firing, Trump is incriminating himself and providing evidence to the Special Counsel that his stated reason for his actions was a lie.

If you want Trump removed from office, you need to hope that the President doesn’t wise up, and shut up anytime soon.