Trump Again Revealed As A Fraud After Breaking $25,000 Promise To Gold Star Father


Donald Trump kicked off this week claiming there has never been a president who honors fallen soldiers as much as he does, but it is increasingly apparent that the opposite is true.

Turns out, Trump doesn’t honor American soldiers, whether they are currently fighting overseas or have made the ultimate sacrifice for this country. Instead, he uses them as props in order to boost his own image.

According to a Washington Post report out a short time ago, Trump promised two things to a Gold Star father in a phone call this summer – to give him $25,000 and start an online fundraiser for the man’s son – but he didn’t follow through on either pledge.


More from the report:

President Trump, in a personal phone call to a grieving military father, offered him $25,000 and said he would direct his staff to establish an online fundraiser for the family, but neither happened, the father said.



[Chris] Baldridge said that after the president made his $25,000 offer, he joked with Trump that he would bail him out if he got arrested for helping. The White House has done nothing else other than send a condolence letter from Trump, the father said.


“I opened it up and read it, and I was hoping to see a check in there, to be honest,” the father said. “I know it was kind of far-fetched thinking. But I was like, ‘Damn, no check.’ Just a letter saying ‘I’m sorry.’ ”

That’s right: Instead of following through on a promise he made to the grieving father of Army Sgt. Dillon Baldridge, Trump sent him a form letter saying, “Sorry.”

No check. No fundraiser. No shame.

Of course, after the media called Trump out on yet another act of generosity he failed to follow through on, the White House said in a cold statement on Wednesday, “The check has been sent.”

Instead of apologizing for the president’s broken promise or for the fact that it took four months and a Washington Post report for Trump to finally send the money, the statement attacked the “disgusting” media for having the nerve to report on it.

There is a litany of disturbing, nauseating things about the latest Trump controversy: The president’s 12 days of silence after four Green Berets were killed in West Africa; his disgusting lies about his predecessors; his need to make every last thing – tragedy or otherwise – about him; his politicization of fallen U.S. soldiers.

But beyond the sea of outrage that this small, insecure president has created this week, one thing has been confirmed beyond any doubt: Donald Trump is a complete fraud who has no business being commander-in-chief.