American Hero Moons Donald Trump’s Motorcade On Its Way To D.C. Event


It was a full moon in Washington D.C. on Thursday night as a man reportedly dropped his pants and flashed his rear end to Donald Trump’s motorcade as it drove by on its way to an event at the Embassy of the State of Kuwait.

The details, according to the White House press pool:

Just shy of Tilden Street, several of the riders in the press van reported seeing a man mooning the motorcade from one of the lower floors of an apartment building. One of our colleagues stated it was a full moon.

There have been no reported pictures of the incident taking place, but it’s not hard to believe such a thing would happen to this president, as he continues to see some of the most dismal approval numbers in modern American history.


As Jason Easley noted on Thursday, in fact, “A new Marist Poll found that 59% of Americans already believe that Donald Trump will go down as one of the worst presidents in history.”

According to, Trump’s average national approval rating is in the cellar, with just 39 percent of the country saying the president is doing a good job.

In other words, the man who made the flashy political statement on Thursday night is more in-step with the American people than Donald Trump is.

It’s only a matter of time before this thin-skinned president adds mooning to his list of unpatriotic American acts – right next to kneeling.