A Paranoid Trump Spirals Out Of Control By Accusing The FBI Of Conspiring Against Him

Trump tried to discredit the Steele Dossier, but in the process accused the FBI of conspiring against him.

The President tweeted:

Trump’s tactic is guilty person 101. The President is arguing that he was framed by the FBI, Democrats, and Russians. We know it most likely wasn’t the Russians because they were working with Trump during the election. By tweeting about it, Trump has validated the dossier, and its explosive accusations that not only was Trump colluding with the Russians, but he also had a deep financial relationship with Russia and was groomed by Putin to be the weapon against US democracy and Western alliances.
It is well known that the research was funded by a never Trump Republican, and then later by Democrats.

The FBI is not conspiring against the President. They are investigating the President, and one suspects due to Trump’s lack of concern about security, the Russians have the evidence to back up the allegations of golden showers and other Trump sexual and business behavior.

The President is paranoid and out of his mind. Only the willfully ignorant can’t see that Trump has been incapacitated by his own mental state and should not be serving as president.