Two-Thirds Of Voters Demand Tougher Gun Laws After GOP Pretends Vegas Shooting Never Happened

It’s been nearly three weeks since a mass shooting in Las Vegas took the lives of 58 people and injured hundreds more, and even though Republicans have stopped talking about the tragedy, nearly two-thirds of the country is demanding Congress pass tougher firearm laws.

According to a Marist poll released on Thursday, 64 percent of adults think gun laws should be tougher in the United States – even gun owners.


More of the poll’s findings on the question of firearm regulations:

64% of Americans — including a plurality of gun owners, 47%, and a majority, 51%, of those who live in a household with a gun — think laws covering the sale of firearms should be stricter. An additional 27% think they should be kept as they are now. Only 7% believe they should be eased. Again, there has been little change on this question since 2013.


Among Democrats, most, 88%, want tougher laws pertaining to the sale of firearms. A plurality of Republicans, 48%, want the laws to remain unchanged. Of note, more than four in ten Republicans, 42%, think gun laws should be stricter. Two-thirds of independents, 66%, want tighter gun laws.

After the deadliest mass shooting in American history, the same, worn out expressions of sympathy we constantly hear from our leaders will no longer do.


Voters are sick of turning on their televisions or opening up their newspapers and reading about another uniquely American tragedy in which scores of people are gunned down at a school or a movie theater or a concert venue – they want action.

Republicans may continue to live in their NRA-funded bubbles, but 18 days after scores of people were gunned down at a country music festival in Las Vegas, the American people – Democrats, Independents and even a sizeable chunk of Republicans – are still hungry for tougher gun laws.


Enough is enough.