CNN Crushes Sarah Huckabee Sanders and John Kelly’s Lies With One Perfect Banner

CNN found a way to stop the lies coming from the White House daily briefing podium in real time with a perfect on-screen banner.

Here is the banner:

Cable news has struggled to deal with the real-time nature of the Trump administration’s lies. The networks have tried instant fact checkers, crawls at the bottom of the screen, and banners. Of the three, the banners have been the most instantly effective.

Gen. Kelly’s statements about Rep. Frederica Wilson were proven wrong by the video of the speech that she gave. The CNN banner was a statement of fact. The White House was standing by their own administration’s false statements. It is not “fake news” as the President claims, or editorializing. What CNN put on their screen was a fact, and if the news networks insist on airing these propaganda-filled briefings, they need to be responsible for properly informing viewers, and proper information begins with making sure that the fictions coming from the podium are countered with facts on the screen.

It was good work by CNN that needs to become a daily feature for the press briefings.

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