Watch Sarah Huckabee Sanders Fall Apart When Confronted With John Kelly’s Lies

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders fell apart when confronted by the press with John Kelly’s lies. All she could do was double down and change the White House’s story.


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Sanders said that Kelly still stands by his statement, even when the video proved him wrong.

The press then called out Sanders and Kelly for lying about what was in the speech. Huckabee Sanders responded that Wilson also had comments that weren’t in the speech, but other people saw. Sanders refused to have General Kelly come out and address his remarks and then added that no one is allowed to question Kelly because he is a four-star Marine General, “If you want to go after General Kelly if you want to go after a four-star Marine General, that’s highly inappropriate.”

You could almost see Huckabee Sanders wilting as the questions became more pointed, challenging, and focused on the facts. She couldn’t handle the questions because, to tell the truth, would be to admit that the White House Chief of Staff’s attack was dishonest and not based on facts.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders couldn’t justify John Kelly’s lies, so she invented new lies.

It is chilling to think how this administration would act during a time of war if generals aren’t to be questioned. There is a reason why civilians oversee the military. Generals are not deities. They serve their country and are supposed to be questioned. The Trump administration’s taste for a military dictatorship is a warning sign. The Trump White House can’t handle being questioned or challenged.

When the press challenged Huckabee Sanders, she retreated into a new web of lies.

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