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Watch As Trump Tries To Hide Behind John Kelly And It Blows Up In His Face

During an interview on Fox Business, Donald Trump tried to hide behind John Kelly but only made things worse for himself.


During an interview on Fox Business, Trump said, “He was so offended because he was in the room when I made the call, and so were other people, and the call was a very nice call. He was so offended that a woman would be, that someone would be listening to that call. He actually couldn’t believe it. He actually said to me. He said to me sir, this is not acceptable, and he knew it. I was so nice. I was so. Look, I’ve called many people, and I would think that every one of them appreciated it. I was very surprised to see this, to be honest with you.”

Trump, who dodged the draft and didn’t serve in Vietnam, is trying to hide behind his chief of staff.

Notice that Trump claimed to have proof that he did not insult the widow and family of La David Johnson, but his proof is just the President repeating how nice he was. Trump’s main claim is that Rep. Frederica Wilson should not have been listening in on the call, but he began his defense by saying that several people in the White House, including Gen. Kelly, were listening in on the call. The President just made things worse by trying to dig himself out of the hole that he created.

Trump doesn’t deny what he said, and he still has yet to apologize to the Johnson family. The President admitted that his real problem isn’t with Rep. Wilson listening in, but with a woman listening in and calling him out for his behavior.

Trump thought his friends at Fox could help, but his answer just blew up in his face.

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