Frederica Wilson Attends Fallen Soldier’s Funeral While Trump Golfs For Third Straight Weekend

While Donald Trump traveled to his Virginia golf club for the third straight weekend on Saturday, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson – who Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly continue to attack – is attending fallen Sgt. La David Johnson’s funeral in Florida.

Trump’s visit to his golf club marks the 74th golf trip and 94th day at a Trump property during his short presidency.

As MSNBC’s Joy Reid noted on Saturday, it is “extraordinary” that this White House – particularly Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly – would continue to wage a war against Wilson and Johnson’s family, particularly as he was laid to rest on Saturday.


Reid said:

This morning Sgt. Johnson is being laid to rest in south Florida, and Frederica Wilson – who started a mentoring program in Miami in 1993 that La David Johnson and his brothers were part of, who knew him and his brothers since they were children, and who was the principal of the school now named for her that La David Johnson’s uncle graduated from and who was close enough to the family that she represents in Congress that they wanted her to be in that car. She is at the funeral as we speak, while General Kelly and his boss Donald Trump are still standing by their attacks on her. Like I said, extraordinary.

Trump’s response to the death of four American soldiers in Niger has been bad enough. His decision to golf as one of those heroes was laid to rest – all while attacking Congresswoman Wilson, who was at the funeral – just puts the icing on the cake of Trump’s shameful lack of compassion.

Instead of acknowledging that the president was insensitive and misspoke during a call with Johnson’s widow, the White House continues to double down on its smear job against Congresswoman Wilson and the family of Sgt. La David Johnson.

This morning, in fact, Trump attacked the congresswoman, calling her “wacky” and accusing her of “killing” the Democratic Party.

As Donald Trump lines up his putts in Virginia on Saturday, Congresswoman Frederica Wilson is in Florida, doing what this president has yet to do: Honor the life of Sgt. La David Johnson.