Rep. Maxine Waters Calls On John Kelly To Apologize For Protecting ‘Moron’ Trump

Democratic Congresswoman Maxine Waters shot back at Donald Trump and Chief of Staff John Kelly on Saturday, telling Kelly he should apologize for protecting the president and lying about Congresswoman Frederica Wilson.

Waters took Trump and Kelly to task in a series of tweets on Saturday, going after Trump’s tweets today, which called Rep. Wilson “wacky.”  She also dismantled Kelly for “being overtaken by the filth wreaking from the Trump White House.”

At the end of the day, Americans can both respect the enormous contributions John Kelly and his family have made for this country and be outraged by his continued effort to smear Congresswoman Frederica Wilson and the family of fallen Sgt. La David Johnson – all to protect Donald Trump.

If anybody should understand what it means to honor fallen U.S. soldiers, it’s Kelly, which is what makes his defense of Trump after he offended a grieving widow so puzzling. Instead of giving Trump the benefit of the doubt, Kelly should be defending the Johnson family against the president’s attacks.

But as Rep. Waters said on Saturday, Kelly appears to have “fallen prey” to a White House in which lying to the American public to protect Trump is a job requirement. In other words, if he wants to keep his job, he must sacrifice some of his integrity.

Gen. John Kelly has spent his entire life and career putting country over partisan politics. He shouldn’t stop doing that now.